“Liam Young’s animated short film Planet City provocatively explores how centuries of colonisation, globalisation and never-ending economic extraction and expansionism could be reversed to solve climate change and the exploitation of both natural and human resources.”

At the ‘Movie with after talk: Planet City by Liam Young‘, part of the Pakhuis de Zwijger’s two-year activity program ‘Designing Cities For All’, I was on the panel to discuss a Liam Young’s film, a film depicting one large speculative city for all 10 billion of earth’s people. During the evening, the panelists and I discussed the city of the future, speculative design and strategies for degrowth and design solutions for creating cities for all.

Meet the panel

The evening was moderated by Jörgen Tjon A Fong and on the panel with me we’ll have: Speculative architect, director & worldbuilder Liam Young, Designer & artistic researcher Arne Hendriks and Co-founder Studio Monnik Edwin Gardner.

More on Designing Cities for All

Designing Cities for All is a two-year program by Pakhuis de Zwijger starting in 2021 supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie. The program focuses on the role that designers play in designing and shaping cities for and by everyone. The program puts forward the notion of ‘Cities of Belonging’, which are described as “cities in which everyone feels and is allowed to feel at home.” The focus is put not only on spatial design but also on the digital domain and our public systems, services, and products.

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