Minimize your footprint, maximize your space.

KumbaPod is a sustainable, fully integrated smart and customizable flatpack furniture system for compact urban living designed to enhance quality of life, strengthen local economy and combat the climate crisis. 

A compact multifunctional furniture unit

The KumbaPod is a compact multifunctional furniture unit fitted with all personal functions needed to live comfortably. The unit is designed for coliving and serves two separate bedrooms on either side. Each room features a bed, a table for working/eating, a bathroom, a mini fridge and a closet/shelving and drawers for storage. Necessary utilities, appliances, ducts, cables and wires can all be concentrated within the system. 

The KumbaPod allows for different aesthetics with locally sourced materials. From right to left: plywood, OSB, tropical coconut fibre board made from up-cycled coconut coir. Renderings by Creaviz.

Coupling standardised global design and local materials

The KumbaPod pod couples standardised global design with the use of local materials. The pod is made through digitalisation, CNC machine laser cutting and dry assembly. First: the pods are digital designed. The files are then sent to be CNC laser cut out of locally sourced sheet material. Any customizations ranging from engravings to pigmented finishes to fit any coliving brand identity are done at this stage. The parts are then dry assembled in a simple step by step process on or off site depending on feasibility. Once dry assembled and installations integrated, the pod is ready for use.

Digitally-Manufactured, Customizable & Compact Interiors

As a developer or contractor, creating high quality interiors that optimise square footage and respond to your project’s requirements can be both expensive and time consuming. We’ve streamlined the design and fabrication process for you. Our digitally-manufactured and customizable furniture system allows you to create unique urban living experiences that are tailor-made, cost efficient and sustainable.

Process: from the digital design to physical KumbaPod

  1. Digital design of the pod that features all cutting files
  2. Sheet material for the pod depends on the location and availability
  3. Files are sent to the CNC laser cutter to cut the parts of the pod
  4. All parts are then ready for dry assembly following manual
  5. Dry assembly can be done on or off site depending on feasibility
  6. Once dry assembled and installations integrated, the pod is ready for use

Save Space Through Smart Compact Design

Concentrate all functions and necessary utilities, appliances, ducts, cables and wires into our smart and compact furniture system. Piece together a compact unit with seating, tables, desks, beds, kitchens and/or bathrooms, as well as heating, ventilation, cooling, water, electricity, home automation installations. Consolidate with Kumba and save both space and energy.

Manufacture Sustainably & Locally Near Your Site

Reduce your project’s ecological footprint and maximise your profit. Kumba solutions are sustainable not only through our digital design and CNC machine laser cutting fabrication process but also in the efficient use of materials designed for a circular economy. Manufacturing happens near your project site, supporting local microfactories and eliminating the need for expensive, time consuming and polluting shipping and transportation.

Reduce Costs Through Digital Manufacturing

Reduce costs and time through digital manufacturing. Design your Kumba furniture using adaptable digital design tools. Parts are then manufactured at local microfactories using digital fabrication tools, heightening precision and condensing lead times. Forget the need for orders of extra stock just in case, as laser cutting new or replacement parts works on demand as needed.

Customize to Fit Your Brand Identity

Customize the Kumba furniture solution to fit your or your client’s brand identity. Through digital design tools, your design can be unique without additional costs. Choose from a range of locally sourced materials and adapt the design to your specific project requirements. From engravings to pigmented finishes, put your own stamp on your interior.

Save Time Through Easy Jigsaw Assembly

Cut down on labour costs and installation time with Kumba’s flat-pack design. Parts fit together like a jigsaw puzzle allowing for easy and quick assembly and disassembly when parts need to be replaced.

Different Aesthetics with Locally Sourced Materials

The KumbaPod allows for different aesthetics with locally sourced materials. As different sheet materials can be used to cut the pod’s parts, the KumbaPod can have a variety of look & feels. Think, plywood or OSB or even tropical coconut fibre board made from up-cycled coconut coir.

KumbaPod, by Nyasha Harper-Michon, KumbaPod model

What’s Kumba for you?

As a flexible furniture system, KumbaPod would offer grreat benefits for everyone along the building process.


  • Maximise square footage and profit
  • Offer flexible and versatile spaces to clients
  • Increase your Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Contribute to sustainable and circular housing solution

(Interior) Architects:

  • Create unique designs that carry your creative voice 
  • Contribute to sustainable and circular design


  • Reduce time, costs, waste and labour
  • Enjoy an easy production & installation process
  • Contribute to sustainable and circular construction


  • Get the most out of your space
  • Be proud to know your interior is sustainable and locally sourced

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