Architecture needs more activism

For the TEDxAmsterdamWomen 2021 Talent Night, I spoke about the need for new ideas and activism in the field architecture. Being an Archtivist to me is about challenging the status quo and empowering you to take action towards creating cities we can all thrive in.

I spoke about how from accessibility to safety or lack thereof, ‘Reference Man’ is impeding our right to the inclusive and sustainable city that we deserve. I therefore challenge us all to claim Archtivism as well as our right to the city. 

‘Architect’ may be a protected title for a select few. But Archtivist, that’s yours to claim.

‘ReThink, ReBoot, REACT’

In interpreted this year’s TEDxAmsterdamWomen theme ‘ReThink, ReBoot, REACT’, as:

Re-Think — Challenge conventional and harmful architecture practices, like the biased and exclusive ‘Reference Man’ archetype. 

Re-Boot — Introduce a shift in how we think about, design and interact with the built environment in the form of architecture meets activism, or ‘Archtivism’.

Re-Act — Drive and inspire architects as well as people at large to take an active role in shaping inclusive and sustainable cities for the benefit of humanity and the planet.

My main message was that although ‘Architect’ may be a protected title for a select few, Archtivist is yours to claim. So claim it!

Nyasha Harper-Michon TEDx Talent Night

About Talent Night TEDxAmsterdamWomen

TEDxAmsterdamWomen hosted Talent Night 2021 for the 4th time in order to open the stage to “new, undiscovered “ideas worth spreading.”” The evening gave the opportunity to 10 finalists to share their unstoppable ideas; “ideas that make the world more inclusive, to drive meaningful change and inspire others to act with them.”

The evening was presented by Damla Kartal. Speaker Coach Barbara Rogoski coached all the finalists  and the jury consisted of Marian Spier, Nadya van der Sluis, Helene Geijtenbeek and Dailah Nihot. It was such a great opportunity to take the stage amongst a group of inspiring women to share our messages. The 10 Finalists this year were:

  • Danielle Jiskoot – New Role Models​
  • Zsofia Kollar – Human Waste
  • Loïs Rijgersberg – Sexual Assault Trauma
  • Andy Roxane Ouedraogo – Healthy Competition
  • Mehar Suri – EmoEmpathy
  • Nina Ravestein – Inclusive and Resilient cities
  • Chiara Liqui Lung – Abortion Rights
  • Nyasha Harper-Michon – Architecture and Activism
  • Stuti Srivastava – Understanding feminine Characteristics
  • Sophie-Anne Onland – Disability Acceptance

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