Ever been in a situation where you saw something on Linkedin or Instagram that was interesting but couldn’t find it back again?

I hate when that happens. So I thought I’d organise all the content that I’ve shared last year in 2021 (and a little more), so that you can still find the insights you’re looking for when you need ’em. Essentially, this is your one stop shop for your archtivist content!

If architecture, design, business, sustainability and technology spark joy for you, there’s plenty here for you to dig into. I’m curious to know what your favourite posts and themes are? Which topics are you interested in hearing more about in 2022 and beyond?



Diving deeper into the term I coined for architecture and building industry professionals who drive and inspire reform to foster positive changes in society and within the profession.

5 Types of Archtivists: Social, Environmental, Economic, Technological or Entrepreneurial Archtivist, what’s your way of making an impact?

5 Types of Archtivists Poster: Colorful, diverse and bold from the first print.

Archtivism and dreaming of a sustainable and inclusive city: an extract from Pakhuis de Zwijger’s livecast on the New European Bauhaus initiative.

Archtivism from the archives: My #Archtivism thesis exhibition marking the beginning of my Archtivist journey.

Architecture needs more activism: my pitch at the TEDxAmsterdamWomen 2021 Talent Night challenging everyone to claim Archtivism as well as our right to the city.

My journey to Archtivism on the Pakhuis de Zwijger Podcast with host Annick van Rinsum

Publication of my essay “The City of Archtivists” in 18 Perspectives on Designing Cities for All by Pakhuis de Zwijger.


Inclusion and diversity

All things to do with fostering inclusion, diversity, equity in the architecture field.

Exposing architecture students to different perspectives: an extract from TU Delft’s BK Talks: Raising Awareness. Dissecting diversity in design.

Inclusion is more than a numbers game: My column on how inclusion is about fostering an experience that empowers and doesn’t silence. Originally written for Azine (dutch).

List of resources championing women in architecture: female role models shaping the future of the built environment.

Our long love affair with “Reference Man”: My column in deArchitect on the one thing standing between us and achieving ‘built hospitality’.

Volunteering to foster diversity and inclusion within the field at IMC Weekendschool: teaching and empowering younger generations, especially from underrepresented groups, to see that they too can pursue careers in architectural design.

We all have implicit biases we need to address: an extract from TU Delft’s BK Talks: Raising Awareness. Dissecting diversity in design.

Social-Media-2021-Inclusive design

Inclusive design

Tapping into the Social Archtivist spirit, one that strives for designs based on the plurality of human uniqueness and for everyone’s voice to be heard.

Are playgrounds in fact a form of incarceration? An article on the need for healthier child-friendly street designs by Oliver Wainwright for The Guardian.

Charlotte Perriand: reflecting on one of the 20th century’s most influential designers following the AFFR screening of “Charlotte Perriand, Pioneer in the Art of Living”.

Designing Cities for All, Breaking it down – Designing: Pakhuis de Zwijger’s livecast where I sharing learnings from my #Archtivism thesis project, from practice as well as inspiring projects.

Our cities need more spaces for (teen) girls: a must read article by Alexandra Lange for Bloomberg CityLab.

People-friendly urbanism: New York streetscape case study in a detailed Curbed article by Justin Davidson.

What would a city designed by women be like? A BBC News video looking into how feminist designers in Barcelona are designing a city that’s more equitable for all.

Who gets a seat at the table to design the city of the future? an extract from Movie night: Planet City by Liam Young at Pakhuis de Zwijger on the idea of governance and democracy in making cities of the future – cities for all.

Social-Media-2021-Climate crisis

Addressing the Climate Crisis

All things related to emissions, waste and climate crisis.

Climate policy game: Be the mayor and craft policy to reduce your city’s climate emissions in an online game on Bloomberg CityLab by Linda Poon & Laura Bliss

Glasgow Climate Pact and the COP26 summit: Total failure or should we celebrate the small wins?

Green Deal Timber Construction: 1 in 5 new housing projects in Amsterdam to be constructed in timber by 2025, article by Lizzie Crook for Dezeen

The richest 1% account for more emissions than the poorest 50%: reflections on our role as architects who often design for the richest %.

Towards zero waste events: thoughts on designing out waste from exhibitions and events following Dutch Design Week

Tourist space flights “one giant leap for pollution”: reflections on whether we can go to space responsibly or if we should we be putting those same resources into solving today’s greatest challenges in article from Katharine Gammon for the The Guardian

Social-Media-2021-Nature inclusive

Nature Inclusive Design

Embracing Environmental Archtivism: championing the reconciliation of humanity with nature.

Bird-friendly facades and design: article by Alexandra Lange for Bloomberg CityLab on how we can ensure that our buildings are bird friendly rather than bird killers.

Bio-solar roofs, a synergetic win-win: University of Technology Sydney study on the benefits of roofs combining solar panels and vegetation.

From concrete jungle to green oasis: in a cool biophilic utopian animation of New York by Jan Kamensky.

Greening cities as a pillar for climate action: article by Luigi Petito for Living Architecture Monitor on the facts and figures on the benefits of green infrastructure.

Rain positive design: Gothenburg’s plan to be “the best city in the world when it’s raining”

Rewilding our cities: beauty, biodiversity and the biophilic cities movement article by Amanda Sturgeon for The Guardian

The nature inclusive LieflandPARK: one of my favourite projects I’ve worked on while at Heren5 – the most sustainable projects in Utrecht.


Technology, innovation and design

Technological Archtivism, harnessing new technologies to uncover original design solutions to today’s greatest challenges.

Bio-based and circular 3D printing: A visit at Aectual’s workshop and factory, mixing design, tech and circular economy.

Eco-innovation exemplified in ‘Tecla’: Mario Cucinella Architects and WASP’s low-carbon housing prototype that’s entirely 3D printed using clay.

Using AR to understand an object or building component’s makeup and history: SPACE10’s work to explore how using blockchain technology to visualise product components could help us make better decisions and lower our carbon footprint.

Virtual Reality in architecture: reflecting on my first real initiation in VR and the pivotal design decisions and solutions VR offers.

WFH and the hybrid workplace: How Microsoft and Google are remodelling their office spaces and what WFH means for workplace design.


Business and the practice of architecture 

Entrepreneurial Archtivism: Designing and reinventing the business of architecture.

3 Myths Holding Your Architecture Practice Back From Success: my LinkedIn article on some of the most universal business misconceptions architects have.

Business and marketing advice all architects need: full episode of the Arch Talk:Tank Podcast with host Sara Kolata as we discuss the myths plaguing the industry.

Busted! 3 Myths Curtailing Your Firm’s Success: my (dutch) column in A.Zine architecture magazine on the most universal architecture business myths.

Client-Centricity: A Paradigm Shift in Architectural Practice: My column on how architects can convince clients to see us as their partners rather than a commodity.

Spotify Wrapped – Practice Disrupted: definitely one of my favorite podcasts about the practice of architecture featuring a wide range of industry disruptors and topics.

When Lean Startup meets Architecture: IBD hub podcast episode discussing how Lean Startup principles and a culture of experimentation could change the face of the architecture field as we know it.


Quotes and inspiration

From me and from others to inspire and ignite the imagination

7 Important Truths I’ve learned over the past years that I’m taking into 2022.

Abraham Lincoln: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

An important reminder: There is no one way to be an architect.

Architecture vs. Life: Showcasing the clash between the architect’s point of view and real life summed up in a cartoon by Louis Hellman.

Chinese proverb: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Jane Jacobs: “Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”

Mother Teresa: “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

Playing and building are universal languages: reminiscing on sandcastle building on the beach in Lisbon some years back.

Resilience: Preparing for Both the Expected and the Unexpected: My (dutch) column for A.Zine on the need for resilience to build robustness to bounce back when faced with unknowns and diverse crises yet to come. English version here.

The Ideal City: Book by Space 10 and Gestalten sharing inspiring projects, initiatives and ideas for how to better design, build, inhabit and share our cities.

Unknown: “A woman alone has power, but collectively we have impact.”

Unleash your inner child: My (dutch) column for A.Zine on the need for us to take a step back and dig deeper into our driving motivations. English version here.



Celebrating new chapters and challenges.

2021 Year in review: reflecting on the opportunities and support I’m grateful to have had in an incredibly hard year for everyone.

Featuring in Mevrouw de Architect: A.Zine’s print magazine showcasing female architects and designers in architecture with vision and ambition to change the field.

Joining the Jury for the Rotterdam Architecture Prize 2021 to determine the best projects adding to Rotterdam’s strong architectural identity.

Launch of my website: nyasha-harpermichon.com/ Columns, podcast episodes, news, projects – you’ll find insights, ideas and inspiration for archtivists.

My KumbaPod design, finalist at the Coliving awards: a sustainable, digitally manufactured and customizable flatpack furniture system for compact urban living.

Starting as a board member of the WomenMakeTheCity, a foundation working to foster inclusive, equitable and sustainable cities for all.

Starting at UNStudio as a Business Development Officer: a new challenge joining a great team of creative and entrepreneurial thinkers and designers.

You made it to the end! Hope you are able to find value in the posts above. What were your favourite topics? Which themes would you like me to dive deeper into?

Be sure to follow me on Linkedin and Instagram for insights, ideas and inspiration for change agents and let me know what content inspires you most in the comments!

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