On March 1st, I was pleased to join host Sophie Stravens at the Center for Architecture and Urban Design Tilburg on their quarterly talkshow BOUWSTOF (building material in dutch).

In the talkshow, I spoke about the need for Archtivism, combining architecture and activism, and the intersection of these two fields. An archtivist refers to a professional or enthusiast within the architecture and building industry who actively promotes and inspires reform, aiming to bring about positive changes in society and within the architectural profession.

The discussion led to the five different types of Archtivists, each with their own focus and objectives. More on the 5 types of Archtivists here.

About the Event

BOUWSTOF is a quarterly talk show in Tilburg and offers a dynamic inspirational magazine with space for current affairs, interviews, in-depth conversations, and crossovers where everyone with an interest in architecture, spatial design, and design is welcome.

Discover more information on the CAST website.

BOUWSTOF is the talk show in Tilburg: a dynamic program with room for current affairs, interviews, in-depth conversations and crossovers that everyone with an interest in architecture, spatial design and design wants to attend. 

BOUWSTOF event March 1st 2023

This edition featured discussions with:

Inge van Beek (environmental manager of the energy transition of the municipality of Tilburg) on the testing ground for a natural gas-free neighborhood in Quirijnstok, North of Tilburg.

Jasper Kraaijeveld (BNA) on the current and upcoming challenges and issues in the construction industry.

Nyasha Harper-Michon (architect, business developer and activist) calls herself an Archtivist, a term she coined for the crossover between activism and architecture.

Christopher Ho, architect at architecture firm Diederendirrix spoke about the design of De Bankier in the city.

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