Text from Arka: Nyasha Harper-Michon works under several titles such as architect, educator, business developer, writer, speaker, and last but not least ‘archtivist’ – a merge of architect and activist.

Archtivist‘ is a free-to-use term coined by Nyasha Harper-Michon that refers to people who drive environmental, social, and economic changes forward, who dare to look at their profession and practice within the building industry from a broader perspective and collaborate crosswise.

In this video, she speaks about why a system change is needed, and why the city is the place to start.

Concerning the designation of Copenhagen as The World Capital of Architecture 2023, the UIA- World Congress of Architects will be held in Copenhagen from 02 to 06 July. This video is part of a series featuring various speakers and participants contributing to the congress. The series is part of a collaboration between Arka and UIA – World Congress of Architects 2023. Nyasha Harper-Michon will be joining the congress as a keynote speaker.

This video is produced by Arka – architecture not only for architects. Arka.video is a video-based platform dedicated to discussing and displaying architecture in a way that engages with everyday people around the world.

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